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7 Ways Parents Can Help Kids with Their Studies During School Breaks

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Guest Article provided by:, Writer, Alyssa Strickland

School breaks are an excellent way for kids to relax and enjoy their time away from school. However, this does not mean that their learning must stop completely. As a parent, you can find fun and engaging ways to incorporate learning into your child's daily activities, even during school breaks. In this article, Great Aspirations shares seven ways parents can help their kids study during school breaks.

Find Fun and Interactive Learning Websites and Apps Online

Finding engaging ways to keep kids learning can be challenging during school breaks. Luckily, there are numerous websites and apps online that offer fun and interactive learning opportunities for children. For example, some websites provide free educational games to reinforce reading, math, and science concepts. In contrast, others offer access to virtual museums and galleries, allowing children to explore the world from home. Additionally, some apps provide interactive storytelling or language learning tools. By encouraging children to use these resources during school breaks, parents can help them stay engaged and motivated to learn.

Look For A Mentor

If your child is interested in a particular subject, consider finding a mentor to help them learn more about it. This can be a teacher, a family friend, or even someone from a local community group. Having a mentor can give your child extra motivation and knowledge about the subject they are learning.

Integrate Learning Into Daily Activities

Give your child an educational edge while they're having fun. Everyday activities can be an excellent way to sneak learning into their day. From teaching measurements in the kitchen and looking at weather patterns together on walks, you'll give them that extra boost without it feeling like schoolwork. Counting change during store trips is another effortless way to learn math practice.

Create An Environment That Encourages Reading

Reading is an essential skill that can help your child in all aspects of life. Encourage them to read anything that interests them — books, comic strips, magazines, or recipes. Set a target of at least 30 minutes of reading per day and create a cozy reading nook in your house where they can relax and read.

Guide Them In Making A Study Schedule

Please help your child create a study schedule during school breaks to keep them on track with their learning. This schedule should include time for each subject they want to learn, time for holidays, and time for any other activities they want to do. You can help them stick to this schedule by setting up a timer or using a reward system for each completed task.

Schedule An Educational Field Trip

Educational family field trips can provide excellent learning opportunities for adults and children. These trips allow families to explore new places and learn about diverse cultures, history, science, and nature together. Educational field trips can include visits to museums, historical sites, science centers, zoos, or national parks. They not only help children learn about different subjects in a hands-on way, but they can also inspire curiosity and creativity. Additionally, educational family field trips can strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories that can be cherished for years.

Increase Your House Appraisal Value with a Multipurpose Room

Creating a designated space for your child to work in can help them stay organized and focused on their learning. This could be a spare bedroom, a corner of the living room, or even a section of the attic. Please ensure the space is well-lit, has a comfortable chair and a desk, and is free of distractions. Document any changes to your home; room upgrades can increase its appraisal value.

Helping your child with their studies during school breaks can be easy and fun. Whether you find online resources, schedule educational field trips, or create a designated study space in your house, your child can continue learning and growing even during their time off from school. Parents' continued encouragement, guidance, and support can be the most valuable resource while helping kids with their studies.

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